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Tennis / Angela Alves

Light Design

In the dance performance TENNIS, Angela Alves examines sport, art and society for ableist and classist patterns of discrimination; exploring methods to confront them without losing her nerve. In the setting of a tennis court, the dancer takes up the racket and prepares to serve for a barrier-free future. For the crip artist from a so-called underclass background, the tennis court marks a space that was never intended for Angela Alves. In TENNIS, she claims the court for herself, making it her site for gentle self-empowerment.

Photos : Dorothea Tuch

PERFORMANCE Angela Alves, Athena Lange CONCEPT, CHOREOGRAPHY Angela Alves DRAMATURGY Alex Hennig ARTISTIC ASSISTANCE + ACCESS WORK Michel Wagenschütz STAGE DESIGN + COSTUME Mascha Deneke FILM Michelle Ettlin SOUND Christoph Rothmeier AUDIO DESCRIPTION Emmilou Rößling in collaboration with Silja Korn LIGHT DESIGN Susana Alonso TENNIS COACHING Ozan Filiz THIRD EYE Ania Nowak PHILOSOPHICAL CONSULTATION Svenja Flaßpöhler MEDICAL CONSULTATION Sabine Schadow HOSPITANCY Luise-Finn Tismer PRODUCTION ehrliche arbeit - freies Kulturbüro

Bilder: Dorothea Tuch

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