I studied fine arts at Barcelona and finished my studies at Universität der Kunst in Berlin. I did a master in pedagogy of art in the Department of painting of the University of Barcelona and another Master of photography at EFTI, Madrid.

In Spain I have worked in the Department of Light at the Opera of Valencia, as well as being responsible for lights in the main theater of Burgos, making designs for festivals like the Festival Open Scene, Burgos - New York Choreography Festival or Castilla Folk among others.

In Germany I work as freelancer since 2011, in theaters such as the Podewill, Uferstudios or Sophiensaele in Berlin. Leading lights and the technik, in festivals like TUSCH, Tanzzeit, KookMono, Dirty Debut and others.

I have collaborated and continue to work together with artists like Marina Tenorio, Alienor Dauchez, Cora Frost, Vincent Bozek, BigNotwendigkeit, Flinn Works, Mette Ingsvarsten, Jefta van Dinther, Thiago Granato,Veronique Langlot,Frida Giulia Franceschini...